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How to calculate the wattage and size of solar panel?

How to calculate the wattage and size of solar panel?

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Howtocalculatethesolarpanelwattageandsize? Source:NetworkPublished:2018-4-119:03HebeiXinPower'stechnicalstafftointroducesolarlithiumbatterysolarpanelshowtocalculatethewattageandsize? 1,rawmaterialsare
How to calculate the solar panel wattage and size?
Source: Network Published: 2018-4-11 9:03
Hebei Xin Power's technical staff to introduce solar lithium battery solar panels how to calculate the wattage and size?
1, raw materials are scarce, high battery costs
Spodumene and Lithium Salt Lake brines are primary raw materials for the production of lithium salt products and can be used to produce industrial-grade lithium carbonate. Lithium hydroxide, battery-grade lithium carbonate, and battery-grade lithium chloride are produced from industrial grade lithium carbonate. Battery grade lithium hydroxide, high purity lithium carbonate, and battery grade lithium metal. In general, lithium products can be divided into two processes, lithium extraction from ore and lithium extraction from brine, due to the different raw materials used. The main raw material for the production of lithium carbonate by foreign companies is salt lake brine. The main raw material for producing lithium carbonate in China is still mainly solid ore.
Solar lithium battery prices
About 80% of the global supply of lithium carbonate and its derivative products comes from the lithium extraction company in the salt lake brine, and about 20% comes from the ore extraction and lithium production enterprises. The three giants that account for more than 70% of the world's lithium carbonate production capacity are Chilean SQM, US FMC, and German Chemetall. Although China's lithium resources are relatively abundant, due to factors such as difficult mining and limited technology, domestic lithium resources are insufficient. The scarcity of raw materials makes lithium batteries costly, which is one of the important reasons for the high price of lithium batteries.
Solar lithium battery prices
2, lack of core technology, rising "lithium" by
The separator, electrolyte, positive electrode material, and negative electrode material are the main components of the lithium battery. In the case of electrolytes, our country mainly relies on imports. Due to the extremely high production technology, it is mainly monopolized by several Japanese companies such as Kanto Electrochemical Industry and Morita Chemicals. In addition, there are currently hundreds of domestic lithium battery manufacturers, but not really have a full set of power battery production capacity is not many, lithium battery production core technology is lacking, many core technologies still rely on foreign patents and equipment, which undoubtedly makes lithium batteries rise There is "lithium" by.