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Can solar cell photovoltaic panel generate radiation?

Can solar cell photovoltaic panel generate radiation?

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In recent years, more and more people have used photovoltaic power generation, and many people worry about whether solar energy photovoltaic panels will generate radiation. Wi-Fi VS photovoltaic power generation, which radiation is large in the end? How about the specific situation? Xiao Bian together to understand it.
Will solar cells produce radiation in the end?
Will solar cells produce radiation in the end?
Photovoltaic power generation is the direct conversion of light energy through the characteristics of semiconductors into direct current power, which is then converted by the inverter to alternating current that can be used by us.
There is no chemical change or nuclear reaction, so photovoltaic power generation will not have short-wave radiation.
The meaning of radiation is very broad, light is radiation, electromagnetic radiation is radiation, particle flow is radiation, and heat is radiation.
So it is clear that we are in a variety of radiation.
What kind of radiation is harmful to people?
The term “radiation” in the general sense refers to those radiations that are harmful to human cells, such as those that cause cancer, and have a very high chance of triggering genetic mutations.
In general it contains short-wave radiation and some high-energy particle streams.
Will photovoltaic panels generate radiation?
For photovoltaic power generation, the generator of the solar module is entirely a direct conversion of energy. In the visible light range of energy conversion, no other product is generated during the process, so no additional harmful radiation is generated.
Will solar cells produce radiation in the end?
  Will solar cells produce radiation in the end?
The solar inverter is just a general power electronics product. Although there are IGBTs or triodes and there are switching frequencies of several tens of kilowatts, all inverters have metal shielded enclosures and meet global electromagnetic compatibility regulations. Certification.
Wi-Fi VS photovoltaic power generation, which radiation is big?
  Wi-Fi radiation has always been criticized by many people. Many pregnant women have even avoided it. Wi-Fi is actually a small local area network. It mainly deals with data transmission. As a wireless device, Wi-Fi has a transmitter that does generate electromagnetic radiation around it. However, the normal Wi-Fi operating power is between 30 and 500 milliwatts, which is lower than that of ordinary mobile phones (0.125 to 2 watts). Compared to mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices such as wireless routers are much more distant from users, which makes people accept their radiation power density is much smaller. If you are really scared of radiation, do you not quickly put your mobile phone away from radiation?